Review: The Life-Transforming Diet


The Life Transforming Diet: Based on Health and Psychological Principles of Maimonides, by David J. Zulberg, is an intriguing diet book in many aspects.

From Maimonides principles one gleans a diet that he considered one that maintained a person’s health. He states that low-fat cuts of chicken, meat, eggs and wheat bread are the necessary foods for good health. Of course, medical science has learned a lot about diet and food since then, and for some, wheat, or the gluten within it, is unhealthy. He had lists of foods that he considered unhealthy: Foods like fish that are salted and aged, any aged cheese or meat, wine from a press, any food that has been cooked and left out causing an odor, are unhealthy and harmful. He also had a list of unhealthy foods that one should only eat on occasions, which include large fish, meat from goats or oxen, garlic, onions and cabbage, to name some. His third list includes foods not to be eaten in large quantities, such as waterfowl, dates, gravy, white flour and some other foods.

Maimonides’ asserts that a particular diet, dealt with within the pages of this book, found in the Mishnah Torah, will keep one healthy throughout his life. The diet speaks for itself, according to Zulberg, and those who followed it throughout the centuries lived long and healthy lives, some to over 100-years old. Mind, body and food blend together, in a healthy environment.

The Life Transforming Diet, is a system that is supposed to help one balance their mind and food intake. We play mind games with ourselves when it comes to food and diet. And, one principle that Zulberg speaks about is how habitual food intake plays a major role in obesity and unhealthy attitudes towards food. Overeating is a major contributing factor to that, and Rambam (Maimonides), himself, states that you can overeat in more ways than one, not just at a particular meal.

Rambam was a Sage and a respected doctor during his time, and his “recipe” for health lies in exercise, quantity of food, quality of food and a person’s own waste management. Think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You can not have total body health without these four principles. They are the tools to empowerment.

Habit, according to Rambam, is a result of the Subconscious Accumulation Process (SAP). One can not succeed in SAP, without positive acts being repeated, constantly. It is a non-stop process, and the mind, step-by-step begins to perceive the positive behavior in a habitual manner. Good food choices arise.

I really enjoyed the dietary aspect of The Life Transforming Diet, and the way it plays into the mind, emotions and how changes in habits can conquer the negative food habits we have accumulated. Along conscious endeavors, with exercise, food balance, hydration balance, etc., our lifestyle can change for the better, and our health improvements will be noticeable.

To think, Maimonides’principles for body health and psychological well-being would come full circle in today’s world. He was a Master of the physical and Emotional cohesion of the body with his dietary premises. Those premises led to today’s expansion of his principles.

With realistic goals, tips, exercise, and a process that doesn’t leave one craving by going “cold turkey”, a person can curtail bad habits, implement good ones, and maintain their health. Our emotions often outdo logic when it comes to eating healthy. Without emotional health, we won’t have good physical health, and without good physical health, we won’t have positive emotional health. One works with the other to complete the cycle of our body’s overall health. Behavior modification and medical science are key components within the pages.

It is literally, and not a pun, to say that Zulberg introduces us to “mind over matter” in a new and improved way of living. Our emotions and our logic can blend together to result in a turn around for our health. Maimonides and his principles lend important dietary significances that have been handed down through the ages. A Sage from centuries ago knew many of the answers to living healthy and staying healthy. David J. Zulberg has expanded on those answers for today’s world, and the generations to come. There is something within the pages that each of us can relate to.

I highly recommend The Life Transforming Diet: Based on Health and Psychological Principles of Maimonides, by David J. Zulberg to everyone.

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