Airplane View of Mt. Hood

mt hood

I took this photograph of Mt. Hood, Oregon, through the window of an airplane, as I traveled from Washington state, to Portland, Oregon.  It was a breathtaking view, as the airplane was about to begin its descent.

I had never seen a mountain view, that close, right in front of my face, looking out of an airplane window, before.  It was a stunning, breathtaking sight, and I was in wonderment, as I held my phone camera behind the window, while trying not to miss a moment of the beauty before my eyes.  I stared at the mountain, with a few tears rolling down my face, while continually clicking the phone’s camera.  I was in awe of the majestic beauty before me.

Nature’s glory often moves my emotions to a teary-eyed state, not out of sadness, but out of joy at what I view before me,

I managed to get one fairly decent photograph, out of the several I took, without looking at my phone’s display.  This particular photograph doesn’t begin to describe the gloriousness that was before my eyes.

I did crop the edges, slightly, in order to blot out the window framing.

Copyright 2019, Lorri M.



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2 responses to “Airplane View of Mt. Hood

  1. It really is a breathtaking sight, Lorrie. I, too, feel blessed to experience that sense of awe and wonder – a precious gift to notice, appreciate, and write about.

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