Embracing Serenity

I was searching for an article relating to serenity and Judaism   I found this one, entitled ’Finding Serenity’, by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin.  It offers perspectives on negative attitudes.  Pliskin also details how stress/and or feeling stressed is up to us.  We can change our feelings, and thought processes if we choose to.

I often look to nature to feel a sense of calm on my life.  It works fot me to stand, sit, or walk in a natural environment, such as the ocean, a lake, or a river  I inhale nature’s beauty, fill all of my senses with the wonders before me, or to the right or left of me.  I also meditate for a few minutes within nature’s settings.

river scene

When I meditate, breath, inhale, exhale, listen to the silence, it helps, a little, in the daily scheme of things, no matter the season.  Adding a prayer, afterwards, giving thanks for the serene moments, helps my mindset to remain in that mood.

Overlooking Beauty

Certainly, celebrating Shabbat, helps, but nature is a vital part of my life, bringing me gratitude for gifts of mankind, creatures, and the natural environment.


We are all a tiny part of the global infinity.

Copyright Lorri M.

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