Tree Trunks Speak

tree trunk1

The tree trunks spoke to me, yesterday, while I was walking by the river, with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandies.

tree trunk2 2

As I drew closer, I could see the small curves, caves of sorts, within the bark, that harbor tiny creatures, caves harboring secrets from the past, lives lived within the boundaries of the trees, and the lives of the trees themselves, that have seen their own kind stand strong through decades of trauma.

tree split

I walked a bit further, and saw incredible beauty in their trunks, with all of the crags, indentations, wrinkled, mottled, striated bark, whispered of times past, present, and moments to come.  

The world’s mindset hasn’t changed much since their genesis, each generation facing challenges to stay alive, no matter where their location.

tree split2

But, strength, courage, connections with other trees, branches holding on to each other, through the struggles of time’s continuum, kept their lifeforms spreading, branched wings reaching upwards, outwards, interconnecting eternally.  Sage sentinels of earth, and life, I am ever grateful for your presence in my life, the past lives of my ancestors, and current and future generations born my lifespan.

My gratitude knew, and knows, no bounds, for the beautiful trees that surround us, protect us, and stand guard, amazing beauties, with knowledge beyond our understanding.

-All photographs and prose are Copyright of Lorri M.

The prose is actually a poem, shown in sections, to coordinate with the photographs.  Thank you for stopping by.


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  1. Nice sentiment. We can learn from the trees.

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