Face, Heart, Feathers!


I love taking photos of odd, or unique items I see while walking by the river, or anywhere, for that matter.

Do you see the face on the rock, that I see?  That interpretation is what made me take this particular photo.  It was a bit bizarre, and definitely unexpected, to notice this, while walking past it.

I love you, world, this red heart is shouting out to all passersby, as she is hugged within the branches of the trees.  I just adore scenes like this.  Although, I felt bad that someone either lost it, or it got away from them.

I took the photo above, of the white feathers, for my granddaughter.  We were walking past them, and I asked her, from my vantage point, if they were feathers.  She replied that they were, and we walked closer to them, and she asked me to take a photo of them, and then to send it to her.  I adore walking with my grandchildren, and seeing life through their eyes.

All photographs are Copyright Lorri M.


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