Beauty Before Thunder and Lightning

It was thundering and lightning, late yesterday afternoon.


reflection zentil

The photos above depicts a foot path that has been flooded over.


But, between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, I walked in a wooded type of an area, on a paved trail, a little over one mile from my house.


It was overcast, but not raining. I enjoyed being within nature, the trees, the vegetation, water overflowing some pathways, making them look as if there was a stream running between the trees and bushes.


I casually walked about 1.5 miles, not far, but far enough to fill my senses, stopping every few feet to take a photograph, and to admire the scene/s before me.

paved trail2

The magical, wonder of it all filled my soul, my heart.

Photographs and prose Copyright 2020 Lorri M.


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4 responses to “Beauty Before Thunder and Lightning

  1. Wonderful photos, thank you for taking us along your walk.

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