The past several days has seen one of America’s darkest weeks, on so many levels.  I wasn’t sure anything positive would come of it.  I was wrong.

Today, Elon Musk, SpaceX, and NASA, launched the Crew Dragon into space.  What a moment!  What emotions I felt, as I watched that sweet baby soar through the clouds, into space.

I loved being able to see inside the cockpit.  Loved the bit of humor, when an inflated dragon was shown on the screen.  Loved the entire process.

I have lived through being able to see the initial spacecraft missions, on the news, and saw man land on the moon, in real time.  I have witnessed space shuttle landings in California, with my young children.

Today’s launch was such positivity in a week gone bad, with so much negativity in it.  It was an emotional and wonderful escape from the horrors.

Be safe, may your journey be a beautiful one, soaring to new heights and future adventures.  Thank you to Elon Musk, his team, SpaceX, and NASA, for, literally, bringing the world together to witness this great moment in time.  America needed that.





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