Doors, Preceding, Following

Without doors, I wouldn’t exist, and my aura would not be a brightness illuminating in time’s continuum.

Without doors my children, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren would not exist, their very essence inhibited, diminished, in the folds of life’s tapestries.

Each new door, that I traveled through opened new gateways of my existence.
Every entrance had an exit, leading to new horizons, change, realms of vividness, reproduced in technicolor kaleidoscopes.

Future generations of my lineage will not wither, because of doors, passages,entrances and exits, I have wandered through, on my life’s journey.
Their breaths will continue to carry my ancestors, carrying me, with each inhale and exhale.

Ancestral doors preceded me, and doors will follow me, sequencing new generations, into beginning life forces.

Copyright Lorri M.


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3 responses to “Doors, Preceding, Following

  1. I enjoyed this beautifully-written piece, Lorri!🌞

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