I have been busy the past few days reading, preparing myself, through books, prose, both fiction and nonfiction, for the High Holy Days.  The month of Elul is a month that Jews prepare themselves for the upcoming High Holy Days, and that is exactly what I was doing.  I am a reader, and my life revolves around books, prayer books, memoirs, historical nonfiction, historical fiction, Jewish history, WWII history, Holocaust history, photography, nature, and so much more.

Much of the content in this post is a repeat of one I wrote several years back.  There are a couple of book updates.  I am mainly posting this due to my dedication during Elul to reading, praying, and contemplating what is necessary for me to incorporate in my daily life for preparing for the High Holy Days.

The photograph above always brings me back to the Smokey Mountains, and to the beauty and awe of nature. To call the scenic setting breathtaking, is an understatement. Like Yosemite National Park, the sea, or the Grand Canyon, the Smokey Mountains leave me gasping at the wonder of it all.

Recommended Reading in preparation for the High Holy Days:

Witness:  Lessons From Elie Wiesel’s Classroom, by Ariel Burger

Waiting for Rain, by Bryna Jocheved Levy

The Koren Sacks Siddur: A Hebrew/English Prayerbook
, by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks

Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days, by Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky

A Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book, by Dr. Aliza Laviwe

Days of Awe: A Treasury of Jewish Wisdom for Reflection, Repentance, and Renewal on the High Holy Days, by Shmuel Yosef Agnon

The How & Why of Jewish Prayer, by Israel Rubin

The Gift of Rest, by Senator Joe Lieberman

The Jewish Body, by Melvin Konner

Man’s Search for Meaning
, by Viktor Frankl

Seyder Tkhines, by Devra Kay

Hours of Devotion
, by Dinah Berland

Entering the High Holy Days
, by Rabbi Reuven Hammer

Einstein and the Rabbi:  Searching for the Soul


Copyright L.M. No permission is given to reproduce, copy or use my writings or photographs in any manner.


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  1. I like your choice of books, Lorri. May you be inscribed for a happy, healthy, and sweet year.

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