Great White Egret and Turtle


What is it about great white egrets that make me feel wonderstruck when I see them?  I could stare endlessly at their beauty.  I also want to take photos, but usually restrict myself to one or two, afraid the beautiful, feathered one will fly off.  In my experience that normally happens.

I also have a deep love of turtles, and tortoises.  This particular photo shows both a white egret, and a turtle in it.  What struck me about the scene was the way the egret was looking towards the turtle, and the way the turtle was definitely staring up at the lovely bird.  I was almost paralyzed, staring at the beautiful egret, the majestic look to it.  It was an unusual sight to see the two of them together.

They looked like buddies, having a conversation.  I wondered what they would have talked about.  Could it be the weather, or possibly the latest prey, or fish, they managed to catch for dinner.  Yes, turtles will eat small fish.  Often birds will compete with turtles for food, but this wasn’t the case in this setting.  The egret stayed with the turtle for about a half an hour.  I know this because I was there longer than that amount of time.  I was there with my grandson, and with my granddaughter.

We were at the area for a morning walk, and to look at the various birds and other creatures.  Our hopes were to come across some turtles and fish.  We were excited to see these two buddies, sharing the rocks surrounding the still waters of the enormous pond.  The two buddies stayed together, seemingly enjoying each other’s company.  The egret barely moved, and was comfortable in its surroundings.  I have never seen an egret stand so still for so long, knowing that there were people so close to them.  We were just a few feet away.  The egret wasn’t standing still in order to catch prey, but was in a relaxed state.

Beyond the two beauties, there were dozens of turtles swimming about, and fish, as well.  We bought food from a machine for 25 cents, to feed the turtles.  It was such fun.  We had a wonderful couple of hours watching the turtles, the fish, the various birds.  There were a few goldfinches flitting about, and robins, as well.  There were two ospreys, high up in the tree that was near us.  They were squealing a warning, “beware of humans”.  The goldfinches and robins didn’t care that we were there.  In fact, the robins walked in front of us, on the path, not flying away.

But, for me, the incredible event, was seeing the two buddies, the egret and the turtle, pals, communicating in a language we couldn’t hear, and enjoying the sunshine day.


Copyright Lorri M.

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