Floral Feast

I took a walk through the local gardens, earlier. What a floral feast there was, before my eyes.

Everywhere I looked, turned around, there was a profusion of floral illuminations, including the rose arbor pathway.

The roses were beautiful, so many colors, so little time to gaze at their beautifulness.

Wildflowers cast their spell, in the nooks and crannies of the foliage.

I loved the textures, tones and loveliness of the scenes that I saw.

The visual feast was amazing, glorious and a wonderful way to inhale the floral scents, and view the collage of bright colors.

I needed the pause, the break in my day, to bring me some serenity, before Shabbat begins, and before Sukkot begins, tonight.

Chad Sameach, and Shabbat Shalom, to those who celebrate.

Thank you for visiting.


Copyright Lorri m.

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