Here is an excellent article in the Jewish Journal, with mouthwatering recipes, Pumpkin: Food for the Soul.

Here is another article regarding Jews and pumpkins, Pumpkin: It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving, on the Jewish Holidays website.

Well, as you can see, I went to a pumpkin festival. This past Sunday my daughter, son-in-law, and my two precious grandies, drove over and kidnapped me to go along with them to a pumpkin festival.

I took so many photos of pumpkins, because some were so unusual, I just had to capture them for posterity.

Look at that green and yellow pumpkin, blending in with the orange ones. Look at all the varied contrasts, the textures, the bumps and crags. This was not a tiny pumpkin, and I would say it probably weighed about 20 pounds.

I know. This particular orange pumpkin, covered with gobs of green splotches looks as if it has monster fingers crawling over it, or some type of fungus. But, no, it is actually part of the pumpkin, a particular species.

My grandies had fun when we saw these types of pumpkins, fantasizing and creating stories. I am sure my eleven-year old grandson WILL write a story about them.

Look at this white beauty. I know it appears off color in the photo, but it is actually white. I loved how she looked like a prima donna, taking her bow, with the cast of characters behind her.

Here is another white pumpkin. My grandson picked this one out. It is enormous. I know you are thinking, oh, come on, stop the drama! Seriously, it was. When they weighed it, it was 52 pounds! Not so small, at all. The grandies are going to paint it.

They bought enough pumpkins for the four of them to paint, cut faces into, and display on their porch. I didn’t buy one. It will be fun to see all of them, when I visit. They only live about ten minutes away.

We all had a wonderful time, roaming through the pumpkin fields. We also walked through a hay bale maze of all things, and of course, a long, long, long, corn maze. What fun it was!

We had lunch there, as well, and went inside their large shop. I came home with a bag of pumpkin pecans, blackberry jam, and maple and oat scone mix.

I have so many more photos that I will share in the next couple of days.

Thank you for stopping by.

-Lorri M.

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