Windows and Reflections

Make a Window in the Word“, is a wonderful article that is posted on My Jewish Learning’s website.

“My favorite Hasidic teaching is a teaching about prayer couched in a homily on Noah’s Ark. God tells Noah to make a window in his ark. Teyva, the word for ark, means container. Teyva is also Hebrew for letter, or word, containers of meaning.  Thus, the teaching on prayer is: make a window in the word.  This means that our prayers should not be confined by the “box” of conventional liturgy. Rather, our words should be openings through which what is in us can flow out the window of the word, reverberating through our bodies and our imaginations as it expands into the universe, free in expression, free to rise up to the God on High, or sink deep into the God within us.”

I enjoy taking photographs of windows, some with reflections in them, and some without. These windows appealed to me because of how they were framed with the brick, and how the light infused shadows on the architecture.

This particular window caught my attention due to the warmth emanating from within the house, through the window. I could feel the light pulling at my heartstrings.

This window is located in one of my favorite places, The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California. I loved the reflections bouncing off the window.


Thank you for stopping by. -Lorri


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2 responses to “Windows and Reflections

  1. Beautiful photos and I really like that idea about prayer.

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