Think About It

Let us remember all of the lives lost to COVID-19, in the United States. The tragedy of so many lost lives was preventable, and the count could have been lessened by tens of thousands.

This is not meant to diminish the worldwide lives lost. One life lost, is a life that is lost to the entirety of the world.

With some of those lost lives, the tragedy ended generations of family trees. Yes. You read that correctly.

Trees are beautiful life forms, but more than that, they are reminders of our ancestral past and our present. Their branches flow much like our own family tree, branching out throughout the generations. Generation after generation, life is multiplied, and life also diminishes, but the radiance and illuminations of past lives resonates within our own ancestral branches and our hearts.

What about the fact that some family trees end with genocide, antisemitism, hatred, racism. Yes, that is factual, truthful. Some families lose their last remaining members, with no other branches to form roots, new generations, and familial branches in the future.

Think about that.

Please remember those who came before you.


Copyright Lorri M.

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