Overpasses, Underpasses

There are many overpasses and underpasses on our journey through life. I see them both as opposite sides of the spectrum.

Underpasses can often hold us back, preventing us from moving forward. We are often stuck in some past frame of time, or move through life in a state of emotional repression. Unpleasant challenges hold us back.

I view overpasses as letting us transport ourselves through welcomed, and even unwelcomed destinations. The upside lends strength, and enables us to function, focus, and freely take hold of negative issues. We are more able to conquer those aspects of our lives.

Overpasses, to me, are the positive aspects of mental, emotional, and introspective life.

We are better able to overcome the displeasing challenges before us, scheduled and unscheduled moments, through overpasses.

Life’s overpasses move us through time, with positive outlooks on life.


Copyright Lorri M.

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