Autumn Fading

Autumn tones and vibrancy are fading on the leaves of the trees. For me, the beauty still remains, within the branches, and the absence of brightness.

Within the muted tones and bareness, life is bursting with diverse ecosystems that we cannot see.

Variations of orange still flourish within the cold temperatures, hiding tiny, living creatures within branches. Even the bare branches hold life forms.

As I finished walking, haze began to set in, hovering over the dried brush and foliage. The visual looked a bit surreal, especially due to the muted colors. Dryness still exists alongside the river, as strange as that might sound.


I finished reading A Thousand Mornings, by Mary Oliver. As always, her poetry touches me, especially when writing about nature.

I am about to begin reading The Murmur of Bees, by Sofia Segovia. I began reading it when it was published in April of 2019, but didn’t finish it due to some life events. The story line looks to be relevant to today’s issues.

I am began reading The Book of Two Ways, by Jodie Picoult. I am a fan of her work. This book is intriguing, so far, and I am enjoying it.


For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday, stay healthy, stay safe.

Copyright Lorri M.

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