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Perspective is everything in life. We quite often see things in certain ways because we want to, not because of the actual situation or appearance.

This does not make our perspective correct, or incorrect. Many of us intuit circumstances through our feelings, and others use what they deem is their logic.

How we view things in life is often coupled with emotions, even when logic is a factor in our decisions and viewpoints.

Often, if we step back and take the time to think things through, we are then able to move forward decisively, and with strength and positivity in the conviction of our perception/s.

Our paths are not always clear, and some hold many curves in our journey through life.


I finished reading My family for the War, by Anne C. Voorhoeve. The novel concerns one young girl’s transfer to London on the Kindertransport, during World War II. Her journey with her foster family is well written, and includes her emotions, her thoughts, her experiences in her new home and with her new family, her assimilation, and her coming of age within their Jewish household. The historical information was insightful, and well-researched. I recommend the book.

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Monday Musings

As some of you are aware, I am a lover of trees, in any season, and setting. As I was walking this past Monday this setting captured my attention. I loved the sky, the tree trunks in the foreground with their aging bark, and the slimmer tree trunks in the background.

The circle of the sun’s light, peeking through the ‘V’ of the tree trunk on the left caught my eye, and I had to take the photo, hoping it would show up. The tree cooperated, and there I have it!

I absolutely love the bark in these split tree trunks. The weathered look, the cracking, the loosened bark, the lines, ridges, and textures absolutely appealed to me. When I see trunks like this it makes me think about their past. I wonder what they have witnessed and heard, what have they harbored and protected, what have they weathered through the ages. They are harbingers of earth’s life, secrets, and adaptability.

Dramatic? No. To me there is beauty in the fallen branch, surrounded with autumn leaves, twigs, dead foliage, and what not. This particular branch was a few feet from the nearest tree. How did it get here, I wondered? Although it is not living, there is definitely life within it, inside the branches, where we cannot see, there is life crawling about. Nature is a wonderment.

The golden grasses swirling in the forefront were delicate looking, and beautiful to watch, swaying back and forth in the breeze. It was as if they were dancing to music, and possibly they were, to sounds of song that we cannot hear. It was lovely to see, and even the leaves left on the branches of the tree were slowly moving to the tune.

Life is a constant melody, with high and low notes, tunes of caution, joy, love, sadness. We are all a part of the universal song. Each of us a scale of notes within the whole composition of the continuum.


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Winter Solstice

Winter is officially acknowledged in the northern hemisphere. Today is the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, which means that the day will have the fewest daylight hours.

I watched the sunrise, streaming from Stonehenge. It was glorious! I took this photo a few years ago, and felt the wonder of its presence in the landscape. Sheep were walking here and there, outside the perimeter of Stonehenge, and the greenness of the grass surrounded the sarsen stones, creating a magical, mystical scene. I will never forget my impressions, and the awe I felt.


The Dipper

Kathleen Jamie

It was winter, near freezing,
I’d walked through a forest of firs
when I saw issue out of the waterfall
a solitary bird.

It lit on a damp rock,
and, as water swept stupidly on,
wrung from its own throat
supple, undammable song.

It isn’t mine to give.
I can’t coax this bird to my hand
that knows the depth of the river
yet sings of it on land.

Appears in Selected Poems by Kathleen Jamie.


The sun is brilliant this morning. I must get dressed and take advantage of that fact, and go for a walk in the canyon area, or by the river. I need to breathe, inhale, exhale, nature’s scent, view its beauty, and possibly touch a tree trunk or two, with love emanating from my hands.

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Lights in Various Forms

Hanukkah has ended, the bright candle lights on the menorah are no more, for another year. But, that does not mean that the lights from within my soul have disappeared, or diminished, in any aspect.

Like barren branches of winter, or golden-like grasses, the inner lights of my psyche continue to illuminate not only from within, but externally, as well. My spiritual journey is continual, despite my decades of life. Each day brings new moments of learning, and moments of awe.

The image above might look simplistic, plain, or ordinary to some eyes. But, to me it is beautiful. Nature always brings wonderment to my eyes. The two, separated tree trunks, within the branches in the background, and even the foreground, spoke to me on several levels. Their winter appearance reminds me that spring will enfold nature’s growth rebirth. Nature gently whispers to me that we must enjoy the scenes before us, as every moment counts, and every moment holds lessons.

Positivities aren’t always the lessons we receive. Yet, even the negative moments, actions, interactions, and reflections, are learning experiences that we shouldn’t dismiss.

Speaking of nature, I just downloaded an ebook to my Kindle, from my library: The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt, A Lifetime of Exploration, and the Triumph of American History. I will begin reading it later on, today. I enjoy honoring Shabbat by reading books regarding nature, life, history. Those books offer me insight into the natural order of things, and fill me with spiritual awareness and wonder of our planetary structure and beauty.

Hanukkah has ended, but on Shabbat, new lights shine. Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate.

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Seventh Night, Natural Light

Tonight is the seventh night of Hanukkah. I absolutely love this post, from 2011, on the Velveteen Rabbi’s page. It speaks to me, as I am the mother of daughters, but also the grandmother of granddaughters, and great-grandmother of great granddaughters.

Although the title of the post is entitled Celebrating daughters on the 7th night of Chanukah, for me, it applies to all girls and women.

Happy 7th night, to those who celebrate.

The photos below exhibit natural light, nature’s light and brilliance.

The above photo was taken on my recent walk. The tones of the leaves set between the dried grasses is what caught my eyes. The colors lit up the neutral tones. Nature is lovely!

Do you see the areas of light within this photo? I love how the grasses and bare tree trunks shine within the darkness of the footpath. Nature’s dark and light of it is amazing!

Look at all of the brightness from the sun’s light! Nature’s light is wonderful.

The branches of this tree are beautiful in their flowing shapes, and the light enhances their forms. Nature’s forms are beautiful.

I absolutely loved how the light played with the stream, and the grasses. The stream was so clear, at this particular point, that I could see the rocks at the bottom of it. I loved how the colorful grasses lit up the scene. Nature is glorious, no matter the season.


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Third Night, Third Light

I spent the third night of Hanukkah with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandies, oh, and my two grandpoochies. We each said a prayer while lighting a menorah.

The night was full of delicious food, from matzoh ball soup, with chicken in it, to latkes, mashed potatoes, muffins, lemon bread, and so much more. The ‘more’ of it, was the five of us gathering together, sharing laughter and love, over a meal.

My two grandpoochies enjoyed some special treats, and loved the plushies I gave them, as a gift.

After dinner, we opened gifts, sang, laughed, spread joyous and heartfelt illuminations, and thoroughly enjoyed watching others open the gift/s that were given to them. That is the spirit, the light, that illuminates, in my opinion. The fact that kindness, gratefulness, and gratitude, were amplified, is the meaning of the Hanukkah moments for me. Those particular ‘lights’ shine brightly.

My grandies loved watching others open gifts, and huge smiles were on their faces, as they were looking at the rest of us, each in turn, opening a gift.

Once we were finished with all of the opening of gifts, we settled back to watch a Shakespeare, live zoom theater production.

The joy was beyond articulation, throughout the beautiful evening. The giggles, laughter, hugs, and love we all shared was the height of the third night. Our individual lights gleamed, and reflected our familial happiness and love.


Nature, for me, is another aspect of light and brilliance during the Hanukkah moments. Walking nature’s paths are enlightening for me in so many aspects, as earth and sky display their beautiful scenes to my eyes. The simple settings always attract me, such as these huge rocks/small boulders, dried grasses, pebbles, green grass, and dirt. To me there is something lovely about the light and dark contrasts over the rocks/small boulders, the very epitome of the natural order is wonderfully displayed, nature’s simple beauty.

Here is a link to a Hanukkah post that I wrote on November 27, 2013. What is particularly poignant in my post is a link to a story I had read on CNN, about a non Jewish family who hid a Jewish family during the Holocaust. These stories are the lights of Hanukkah, that we must remember. The eternal flames that continue within the universe are extremely important illuminations of light and love.

Remember your ancestors, those who came before you. That will continue their individual, eternal light.

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. Thank you for visiting.



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