Third Night, Third Light

I spent the third night of Hanukkah with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandies, oh, and my two grandpoochies. We each said a prayer while lighting a menorah.

The night was full of delicious food, from matzoh ball soup, with chicken in it, to latkes, mashed potatoes, muffins, lemon bread, and so much more. The ‘more’ of it, was the five of us gathering together, sharing laughter and love, over a meal.

My two grandpoochies enjoyed some special treats, and loved the plushies I gave them, as a gift.

After dinner, we opened gifts, sang, laughed, spread joyous and heartfelt illuminations, and thoroughly enjoyed watching others open the gift/s that were given to them. That is the spirit, the light, that illuminates, in my opinion. The fact that kindness, gratefulness, and gratitude, were amplified, is the meaning of the Hanukkah moments for me. Those particular ‘lights’ shine brightly.

My grandies loved watching others open gifts, and huge smiles were on their faces, as they were looking at the rest of us, each in turn, opening a gift.

Once we were finished with all of the opening of gifts, we settled back to watch a Shakespeare, live zoom theater production.

The joy was beyond articulation, throughout the beautiful evening. The giggles, laughter, hugs, and love we all shared was the height of the third night. Our individual lights gleamed, and reflected our familial happiness and love.


Nature, for me, is another aspect of light and brilliance during the Hanukkah moments. Walking nature’s paths are enlightening for me in so many aspects, as earth and sky display their beautiful scenes to my eyes. The simple settings always attract me, such as these huge rocks/small boulders, dried grasses, pebbles, green grass, and dirt. To me there is something lovely about the light and dark contrasts over the rocks/small boulders, the very epitome of the natural order is wonderfully displayed, nature’s simple beauty.

Here is a link to a Hanukkah post that I wrote on November 27, 2013. What is particularly poignant in my post is a link to a story I had read on CNN, about a non Jewish family who hid a Jewish family during the Holocaust. These stories are the lights of Hanukkah, that we must remember. The eternal flames that continue within the universe are extremely important illuminations of light and love.

Remember your ancestors, those who came before you. That will continue their individual, eternal light.

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. Thank you for visiting.



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2 responses to “Third Night, Third Light

  1. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts, so uplifting. Thank you for sharing. Happy Chanukah.

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