Seventh Night, Natural Light

Tonight is the seventh night of Hanukkah. I absolutely love this post, from 2011, on the Velveteen Rabbi’s page. It speaks to me, as I am the mother of daughters, but also the grandmother of granddaughters, and great-grandmother of great granddaughters.

Although the title of the post is entitled Celebrating daughters on the 7th night of Chanukah, for me, it applies to all girls and women.

Happy 7th night, to those who celebrate.

The photos below exhibit natural light, nature’s light and brilliance.

The above photo was taken on my recent walk. The tones of the leaves set between the dried grasses is what caught my eyes. The colors lit up the neutral tones. Nature is lovely!

Do you see the areas of light within this photo? I love how the grasses and bare tree trunks shine within the darkness of the footpath. Nature’s dark and light of it is amazing!

Look at all of the brightness from the sun’s light! Nature’s light is wonderful.

The branches of this tree are beautiful in their flowing shapes, and the light enhances their forms. Nature’s forms are beautiful.

I absolutely loved how the light played with the stream, and the grasses. The stream was so clear, at this particular point, that I could see the rocks at the bottom of it. I loved how the colorful grasses lit up the scene. Nature is glorious, no matter the season.


Copyright Lorri M.

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