Monday Musings

As some of you are aware, I am a lover of trees, in any season, and setting. As I was walking this past Monday this setting captured my attention. I loved the sky, the tree trunks in the foreground with their aging bark, and the slimmer tree trunks in the background.

The circle of the sun’s light, peeking through the ‘V’ of the tree trunk on the left caught my eye, and I had to take the photo, hoping it would show up. The tree cooperated, and there I have it!

I absolutely love the bark in these split tree trunks. The weathered look, the cracking, the loosened bark, the lines, ridges, and textures absolutely appealed to me. When I see trunks like this it makes me think about their past. I wonder what they have witnessed and heard, what have they harbored and protected, what have they weathered through the ages. They are harbingers of earth’s life, secrets, and adaptability.

Dramatic? No. To me there is beauty in the fallen branch, surrounded with autumn leaves, twigs, dead foliage, and what not. This particular branch was a few feet from the nearest tree. How did it get here, I wondered? Although it is not living, there is definitely life within it, inside the branches, where we cannot see, there is life crawling about. Nature is a wonderment.

The golden grasses swirling in the forefront were delicate looking, and beautiful to watch, swaying back and forth in the breeze. It was as if they were dancing to music, and possibly they were, to sounds of song that we cannot hear. It was lovely to see, and even the leaves left on the branches of the tree were slowly moving to the tune.

Life is a constant melody, with high and low notes, tunes of caution, joy, love, sadness. We are all a part of the universal song. Each of us a scale of notes within the whole composition of the continuum.


Copyright Lorri M.

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