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Inhaling Nature

The weather was spectacular, today! After almost one week of 24/7 days of freezing fog, the sun came out in all of its brilliance!

I took advantage of that fact, and ran a quick errand, and then went to a nearby canyon park, in order to walk surrounded by beauty, and to inhale nature’s wonderful scents.

The area is normally dry, unless there have been heavy rains, and then there could be flooding on the walking paths. The photo above caught my eye due to the golden brightness of the grasses, against the bare branches of the trees.

A few feet further on, and I loved how the side of this footpath sign was nestled within the grasses and tree branches. I like coming upon unexpected scenes like this. I also loved how some of the leaves were still clinging to the tree branches, as if to say they were not ready to drop off, showing how stubborn they are in retaining fall. Winter begins on December 21st, and these particular trees are not about to let go of their leaves.

I loved this view of the tree on the right, in all of its bareness, leaning into the tree on the left. I envision, in my mind, that the tree on left whispered for it to lean towards it, so that it (the tree on the left) could spread its elongated branches around it, in order to protect it from the natural elements. Trees are a community unto themselves, although some of us don’t acknowledge that.

And, we see that same tree again, only this time it is on the left. I really enjoyed the contrasts of colors in this scene, the golds, the oranges, the browns and beige/earthy tones. I saw little insects crawling within the grasses. Some were marching in a sort of formation, towards an opening in between the two trees. I imagined their little community, minute/tiny to the eyes, yet important in the scheme of life. Trees are habitats for other lives.

I love this pathway in all seasons. Today the splashes of green from various forms of foliage caught my attention, along with the scattered leaves that had fallen off of the trees. I liked the earthy, natural, tones of the footpath. I loved the formations of the trees, that stood so tall, almost like sentinels, guarding the pathway, trees that once held vivid green leaves in the spring and summer, and golden, orange, and red tones in autumn. The sunlight illuminated the path, and I inhaled nature’s scents, and exhaled them, breathing along with nature, along the pathway.

I love wildflowers, and these lacy ones were a constant during my walk, mingled in between the dry twigs and earth. There was a beauty in the setting, that I couldn’t pass by without capturing it.

I walked about two and one half miles, not very far, but still it got me out of the house, with the sun bathing its warm rays throughout the pathways. It was a safe adventure, no need to worry about social distancing, or constantly wearing a mask. I had one on, but it was hanging below my chin. I had it there in case anyone came walking by, and if they had I would have pulled it up over my nose, before they even came near me. It was very freeing to be able to get out and about without worrying.


Speaking of masks, my daughter’s neighbors who live two doors down from her (a man and his mother), brought five masks over to her house, yesterday. The mother made them out of Hanukkah fabric, with menorahs, white doves, dreidels, and Stars of David, all throughout the fabric. She made five, four four my daughter, son-in-law, two grandies, and one for me! How thoughtful, how kind, how loving for her to do that. They are Christian, and know that we are Jewish. These neighbors always bring gifts to my daughter’s house during any Jewish holiday. They bake, they sew, the create, they buy.

I have known them for five years, as they have seen me visiting my daughter, often. There are decent, loving, kind people in this world. They are two of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. I am grateful for their friendship, and appreciate them.

Humankind displays human kindness when you least expect it.


Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate! Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Copyright Lorri M.

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Hanukkah, Pearl Harbor

My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandies, have decorated their home for Hanukkah. Their front door is a decorated to illuminate the celebration of the Hanukkah lights. Most Jewish homes have their own menorah to light during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah begins the evening of December 10th.

My son-in-law is extremely creative and definitely handy with constructing items.

The menorah, to the left, behind the panda, was built by him. He created it from wood, by himself. It stands almost to the top of the house. Each night of Hanukkah, the pertinent light/lights will be ‘lit’.

The Magen David, Star of David, above the garage doors, was also built by him. I love their exterior decorations, illuminating the fact that Judaism is meaningful to them, within the neighboring homes being decorated mainly in a Christmas theme.

What is heartwarming, kind, and sincere, during this time of year, is the fact that several of their neighbors put a little gift upon their porch, each night of Hanukkah, or knock on their door with homemade deliciousness. The thoughtfulness makes me teary-eyed, as at times, I have been to their home, and witnessed the event/s.


Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It is the 79th anniversary of the attack, which occurred on December 7, 1941. 

Let us take a moment to remember all of those who were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and all of the victims who suffered physical, mental and emotional duress.

Let us give thanks to our military, and honor their dedication to protecting our country, during times of extreme duress and horror, such as this particular moment in time.


Let us not forget this devastating day, and let it be remembered through the decades, centuries.

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941— a date which will live in infamy— the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt


Copyright Lorri M.

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Poem, Shabbat, Pandemic

My God, My God, I pray that these things never end,
The sand and the sea,
The rustle of the waters,
Lightning of the Heavens,
The prayer of Man.

The voice called, and I went.
I went, because the voice called.

-Hannah Senesh

I read the heartfelt, emotional poem, Pandemic Sabbath, by Cathleen Cohen. It spoke to me on many levels of how many of us are celebrating Shabbat, during this age of COVID-19.

Be well, stay safe, everyone.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate.

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Choices, Decisions, Black and White

I know that most of us have not stopped to think about our past, or our current state of being, and realized we might have overlooked some components that could have helped us to readjust our mindset, our thinking, on certain issues. I include myself in that sentence.

Life brings us moments where we have to choose, make decisions, that could impact our current situation, or our future. Not every moment includes a black and white choice. Many of us choose without totally contemplating the outcomes of our decision-making. The flip side is that many of us choose through contemplation, feeling it is the best way to maneuver through an issue.

We wander through many portals on our journey through life. We feel that each of our choices suits our needs, at the time, whether thought out in depth, or decided on the spur of the moment. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to make a decision.

We often intuit what is necessary, and our instinct can prove to be positive. And, there are scenarios where we devote time and energy into a making a choice, or decision. That can turn positive, and also negative.

Whatever our choices, or decisions are, we learn from both, how to proceed through the entrances and portals that life has in store for us. Life lessons are learned from both the positive and negative aspects of our journey.


Copyright Lorri M.

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Still Lingering

Autumn colors are still lingering on the trees and foliage by the river.

The vibrancy on the trees and shrubs is illuminated within the dry (other than the river) landscape. That is what I love about walking along the river during the autumn season. There are so many variables of nature’s colors, textures, and beauty.

Between here and there, within a few steps of walking, the orangey tones became more muted, and disappeared on some of the natural elements. There was a beautiful blandness that I absolutely loved.

Nature has its way of fulfilling my heart, no matter where I am, or what season it is. I am in constant awe.


I finished reading The Book of Two Ways, by Jodi Picoult.

I enjoyed the novel for the author’s dedication to historical information/factors. 

I have visited museum exhibits regarding Tutankhamen, and also exhibits regarding Egyptian artifacts. I found them fascinating. This book illuminated archaeological finds, and the process it takes in uncovering history.

I began reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Stories regarding parallel lives intrigue me. I hope the this story line evolves into illuminating perceptions and thoughts on the universe, and life.

Copyright Lorri M.

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