Overcast Day

It was an overcast day, but it didn’t keep us three girls away. Over the river bridge we traveled.

My daughter was driving, and so I was able to take a couple of pictures through the window of the passenger side.

We got closer to our destination, as bridge was about to meet land.

The three of us cheered, because we knew we were going to have so much fun!

One more picture snapped from the passenger side.

The three of us (my daughter, granddaughter, and I), were about to begin our thrift store wanderings, in search of some unique items.


Some overcast days are sunny, and filled with light and joy.

Thank you for visiting.

-Lorri M.


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2 responses to “Overcast Day

  1. What a treat to spend the day with your daughter and granddaughter in person, Lorri!! No matter what your destination! ☺️

    • Indeed! It was lovely. We were all wearing masks, and socially distanced ourselves. We actually ended up going to one store, as we spent more time inside it than we thought we would. Lol.

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