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Purim, Shabbat

Have a colorful, festive and happy Purim, to those who celebrate!  Chag Purim Sameach!

Shabbat Shalom to everyone who celebrates! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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It was wonderful to spend some time, making slime, with my granddaughter. She did all of the work, as I watched. It was all about her, and spending quality time, together. When she wants to make slime, she visits me, as my daughter doesn’t want to deal with the mess.

It is actually no problem, in my home, as she cleans up after herself, puts everything away in the large bag I have her supplies in, and washes the containers, spoons. I have an old sheet she throws on the kitchen floor, near the sink, and it is quite effective in preventing the slime particles from landing on the wood flooring.

When she finished making the slime, cleaned up the kitchen, then she sat on the sofa, and started spreading it out, in front of her. I was fortunate enough to capture this moment in time, as she managed to spread it, hiding her entire body behind it.

The original photograph was taken in color. I actually prefer the color version, compared to the black and white (greyscale) tones. I normally like black and white photographs, but liked the color contrasts in the original photograph.

We had a wonderful time together, her sliming, us having fun together watching videos, etc. What joy!

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Snow, Tree, Sunset, Shabbat

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. -John Muir


Come Down Angel of Peace

Come help us set up Shabbat.
We will set out the Kiddush cup and candles.
Tell G-d to gift us with remembrance of Shabbat.
Help us set the tablecloth and light the candles.
Come down, Angel of Peace.
Come help us set up Shabbat.
–Gabe Streisfeld


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Snow, Poached, Psalms, Wisdom

It is snowing, and has been since this morning. It is a great day for reading, sipping tea and coffee, and contemplating what I have read.

I am currently reading King David’s Psalms. A book that offers me comfort, due not only to the content, but the beautiful writings.

I made myself poached eggs for brunch, and love how the yolk oozed over the sourdough toast.

I gain wisdom from rereading portions of Diane Zierau’s wonderful book. That, along with The Book of Psalms, is inspiring and cements me for the Sabbath.

I am also reading some of the Alef-Bet for Adults, to reinforce my recognition of words.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate. For those who do not, have a wonderful weekend.

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Reading, Reading, and Reading

I have read four books within the past several days. I normally read two or three books at one time, going back and forth between each book.

The Memory Monster, by Yishai Sarid, Yardenne Greenspan (Translator), is one that is quite intense, and, in my opinion, dark, melancholic, and an unusual introspection of the Holocaust, illuminated through the eyes of the narrator, a ‘tourist guide’, of Holocaust camps, woods, etc.


The Yellow Bird Sings, by Jennifer Rosner, is a novel that is full of heartbreaking situations, love and war, loss and redemption, during the Holocaust.

It depicts the strong bond between mother and daughter, and how they manage to survive in a world of horror. Their determination to forge through the appalling situations, and their separation, is excellently woven within the tapestry of their experiences.


Still Alive: A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered, by Ruth Kluger, is a compelling read that relates her experiences during the Holocaust.


I am also reading, and will be rereading, The Book of Psalms, by King David


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Review-The Practice of Wisdom

I read the kindle edition of this beautiful book, the day it came out on Amazon, on January 8, 2021. The physical copy has been shipped, and I will have it in my hands, soon.

What an inspiring book, filled with insight, authenticity, kindness, and prose that touches the soul. 

Diane Zierau brings the reader thoughts to ponder, on her journey through the Book of Proverbs. Her sagaciousness fills the reader with coping mechanisms to use in today’s chaotic world. 

Once you read the contents, your senses will open up to a new perception of the way you view life. Your very core will be illuminated, enhanced, by her depictions. 

Her journey is more than her travels through the Book of Proverbs, and it is more than a simple book. It is a valuable treasure that, in my opinion, belongs in every personal library, college library, and religious library.

Although I am not Christian, this beautifully written book gave me much food for thought, as far as living an authentic life, filled with devotion to family, adherence to my Jewishness, and concepts for gaining wisdom, in today’s world of misinformation.

I highly recommend The Practice of Wisdom, to everyone. 

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