Review-The Practice of Wisdom

I read the kindle edition of this beautiful book, the day it came out on Amazon, on January 8, 2021. The physical copy has been shipped, and I will have it in my hands, soon.

What an inspiring book, filled with insight, authenticity, kindness, and prose that touches the soul. 

Diane Zierau brings the reader thoughts to ponder, on her journey through the Book of Proverbs. Her sagaciousness fills the reader with coping mechanisms to use in today’s chaotic world. 

Once you read the contents, your senses will open up to a new perception of the way you view life. Your very core will be illuminated, enhanced, by her depictions. 

Her journey is more than her travels through the Book of Proverbs, and it is more than a simple book. It is a valuable treasure that, in my opinion, belongs in every personal library, college library, and religious library.

Although I am not Christian, this beautifully written book gave me much food for thought, as far as living an authentic life, filled with devotion to family, adherence to my Jewishness, and concepts for gaining wisdom, in today’s world of misinformation.

I highly recommend The Practice of Wisdom, to everyone. 

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