Snow, Poached, Psalms, Wisdom

It is snowing, and has been since this morning. It is a great day for reading, sipping tea and coffee, and contemplating what I have read.

I am currently reading King David’s Psalms. A book that offers me comfort, due not only to the content, but the beautiful writings.

I made myself poached eggs for brunch, and love how the yolk oozed over the sourdough toast.

I gain wisdom from rereading portions of Diane Zierau’s wonderful book. That, along with The Book of Psalms, is inspiring and cements me for the Sabbath.

I am also reading some of the Alef-Bet for Adults, to reinforce my recognition of words.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate. For those who do not, have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. What a restful, warm and cozy way to spend Shabbat! I, too, love to read Tehillim and have developed a practice of gradually adding to the number that I can recite fluidly in Hebrew and really understand. It’s become very meaningful to me – I can understand why Jewish women through the ages have turned to the Psalms as a source of comfort and daily reflection.

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