Thursday Walk-March 4, 2021

My internet was a down, yesterday. So, I decided to get some exercise, and also inhale nature. The sun was out, there was no wind (hooray due to allergies), and the sky was a beautiful blue, filled with lovely white clouds.

I love scenes such as this, with streams running through the canyon areas.

This, this, this! Most of you know I am a tree lover, a tree hugger, and trees to connect me in ways that I cannot explain.

I loved the large knot in the trunk, and the appearance of the tree, marked with lines of aging.

I like the barren branches on the ground, the way the one branch holds it body, curving upward. I

Shadows, shadows, and more shadows, always get my attention!

I really loved the forms of the tree trunks and branches, some smoothed by weather and age. I also liked the view through the branches, towards the greenness patch in the background.

Look at the twigs in front of the tree trunk, haphazardly displayed. The winds and other weather conditions played a part in that.


Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate. For all my visitors, I hope you have a nice weekend. Be well, be safe.

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