Streaming Along

I needed to breathe the air, within a natural environment. Off to the canyons I went. I found a new path to wander over. There were several areas where I could see streams.

I loved this particular spot, with how the tree branches reflected subtly in the stream, and how the blueness of the sky illuminated the bare, beautiful branches.

It is quite interesting to me that I came upon this particular spot. I normally see it from the other side of the stream. I never realized that through the trees, past the three stools, and across the stream, there would be another path to walk on. It is covered over, when the trees are filled with leaves, and branches hover over the stream and path.

All in all, it was a lovely walk, and I was able to relieve some stress, and to meditate on the glory and wonder of nature. Bare tree branches hold their own beauty, reminding us of rebirth and a time to replenish our lives.

Chag Sameach. Happy Passover to those who celebrate.


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2 responses to “Streaming Along

  1. Such beautiful scenery! There’s nothing like a good nature walk to refresh and de-stress! Thank you for posting, Lorri!

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