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Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day. Be appreciative and grateful for all that mother nature displays. Do not take anything for granted. The earth is susceptible to mankind’s insensitivity towards it. Be kind to mother nature.

These four photos are an extension of my visit to the park over the weekend. I loved the way these trees were lined up, sentinels guiding the way on the path.

‘X’ certainly did mark the spot, displaying its entrance, doorway, passage, towards the next section to journey upon.

I turned around from the ‘X’ capture, above, to walk back to where we were taking family photos, and this is the view I saw.


Thank you for visiting. -Lorri


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River, Park, Family

It is always nice to wander through the paths of a new park, situated by the river. I found so much to see, so much to inhale and enjoy.

Trees, as most of you know, are a wonderment to me. I like listening to them, their voices sooth my soul.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, filled with sunlight, shadows, greenness, trees, the river, and my family (daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson). We were actually there for a family photo shoot.

In between my needing to pose for photos, I took some of my own, of the natural surroundings. All in all, it was a wonderful two hours spent with my family, and within the beauty of nature.

For those who might not be aware, Thursday April 22nd, 2021, is Earth Day. Be kind to your mother, Mother Nature.


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Books I am Reading, or About to Read

The screen shot, above, of books, shows what I am in the midst of reading, or about to read.

This weekend will be lovely, for many reasons, but especially the fact that my daughter and family are having their portrait professionally taken, and have included me in the family portrait. I am excited, to say the least.

Other than that, not much is new, here, and I won’t elaborate on anything in order to fill up space, or in order to write a post.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! -Lorri


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Flowers and So Much More

Walking in the Demonstration Gardens, and viewing the illuminating, bright red tulips, was a lift to my spirits. They were beautiful blouses of joy, along the paths.

Look at her, little miss yellow, showing her stuff, within the redness! She couldn’t be missed, and I assume that was her intention.

Magnolias are such a beautiful flower, strong and confident.

Look at her blossoms, upright, reaching for the sky, and making her statement of independence.

Which is stronger, in your opinion, the small boulder, or the beautiful, delicate looking flowers? I vote for the flowers, covering the ground, bringing beautiful tones against the neutral ones.

I love benches, no matter the age, the shape, the size, or location. Benches bring me a sense of comfort. They always have, and always will.


Please take care of yourselves. -Lorri

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Trees for Monday

The earth has music for those who listen. -Shakespeare

I also believe that for those who open their eyes, the earth sings its wonderment.

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I will be short with this post, as I am finding solitude, silencing myself, intentionally, and looking inward to find peace, and life’s meaning. I am praying, meditating, and reflecting on so many variables, and questions.

My best friend (50-years old) passed away on Tuesday. He died with peace surrounding him after having an extremely tortuous year of suffering with gastric cancer. He was my son’s high school friend, but most of all, my best friend, a man I could converse with on many subjects, and in confidence, as well. He was a true and gentle soul, always there if I needed to speak, or have him listen, always there for those in need, no matter the time.

He was like a son to me, but so much more than that, and I feel privileged to have known him for 34-35 years. His short time on this realm was extremely significant, and he illuminated so many individuals with his caring and love. He was a Blessing in my life. Thankfully we spoke on the phone on March 29th. His last text to me was Wednesday, March 31st. We texted daily, literally. I knew that he would not be able to communicate after that last text.

I am comforted that he is out of pain, and comforted that he is resting peacefully. I will love him, always and forever, infinitely. My dear Boy…


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