Flowers and So Much More

Walking in the Demonstration Gardens, and viewing the illuminating, bright red tulips, was a lift to my spirits. They were beautiful blouses of joy, along the paths.

Look at her, little miss yellow, showing her stuff, within the redness! She couldn’t be missed, and I assume that was her intention.

Magnolias are such a beautiful flower, strong and confident.

Look at her blossoms, upright, reaching for the sky, and making her statement of independence.

Which is stronger, in your opinion, the small boulder, or the beautiful, delicate looking flowers? I vote for the flowers, covering the ground, bringing beautiful tones against the neutral ones.

I love benches, no matter the age, the shape, the size, or location. Benches bring me a sense of comfort. They always have, and always will.


Please take care of yourselves. -Lorri

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