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Still Wednesday for Me

I promised myself I would write a post, today, Wednesday. The day got away from me, but it isn’t midnight, yet.

I have been extremely busy. I received some ancestral information from a relative in Scotland, and could not stop researching what was given to me. I spent hours upon hours the past two days on ancestral websites, including Jewish Genealogy dot org, Ancestry dot com, and Family Search dot org. I was consumed, to say the least.

My research garnered many positive results in locating ancestors and their history. To say I am delighted is an understatement. I am also extremely exhausted, but a good, productive form of exhaustion.

I feel more knowledgeable about my family roots, history, locations, and percentages of ethnicities. There is gratification, gratefulness, and appreciation for all that I have discovered. With each new document and its contents, I literally cried. I knew much of the information from decades of research, before the internet, even. But, obviously there was so much to still garner, and I am loaded with piles of information printed out, and stored in files on my computer, and backup devices.

Reading historical, familial information brought me to tears. Tears of joy, sadness, and tears of completeness, of knowing for certain, who I am composed of, who flows through my veins, my cells, my organs, my entire body. I could see similarities within ancestral backgrounds and photographs. It is amazing how generations later, one can see themselves in photographs of others, and one can fully realize certain traits about themselves were based upon relatives/ancestors who lived 300 years ago. The same goes for medical history.

There was a sadness, maybe a yearning or wishing, for the fact I would have loved to have known all of these individuals that form the composite of Me, my body, my soul, my Being. But, I am grateful to know them in the forms that I do, through documents and some extremely old photographs. I have that to read and reread, as often as I want to. I feel their presence, because it flows through me.

So, here I am, writing at 11:02 pm, still Wednesday, in a state of complete exhaustion, but a positive exhaustion, repeating myself. Please excuse my rambling. I think I will end this post, on the high note that I am feeling.

Good night. Thank you for visiting.

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Did I Say Books?!

I have neglected my blog the past several days. Between family events, and searching for, and buying a new mattress for my bed, I have been busy. I have also been quite busy reading, reading, and reading. I am reading a few books at once. I alternate between them, as the mood fits.

The Last Bookshop in London: A Novel of World War II, is the latest book I am about to set my eyes on, and will begin reading.

I finished reading The Girl Who Escaped From Auschwitz. I give it a four-star rating, with five-stars being the highest.

The Plum Trees by Victoria Shorr, is a book I am in the midst of reading.

Those Who Are Saved, by Alexis Landau, is another book I am currently reading.

The Light of the Midnight Stars, by Rena Rossner, is a book I have just started reading.

Lastly, but not least, I have pre-ordered the Kindle version of The Hour of the Witch, by Chris Bohjalian. I will physically go to the book store, tomorrow, when the book will be physically available to buy, and purchase it. I will read the Kindle version, and keep the hardcover copy for my personal library.

I often do that with books, read the Kindle version, and buy the hardcover to keep on my bookshelves.

Take a step into nature, if you are able to do so. You will not be disappointed.

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Books I am Reading, or About to Read

The screen shot, above, of books, shows what I am in the midst of reading, or about to read.

This weekend will be lovely, for many reasons, but especially the fact that my daughter and family are having their portrait professionally taken, and have included me in the family portrait. I am excited, to say the least.

Other than that, not much is new, here, and I won’t elaborate on anything in order to fill up space, or in order to write a post.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! -Lorri


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Purim, Shabbat

Have a colorful, festive and happy Purim, to those who celebrate!  Chag Purim Sameach!

Shabbat Shalom to everyone who celebrates! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Copyright Lorri M.


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Perspective is everything in life. We quite often see things in certain ways because we want to, not because of the actual situation or appearance.

This does not make our perspective correct, or incorrect. Many of us intuit circumstances through our feelings, and others use what they deem is their logic.

How we view things in life is often coupled with emotions, even when logic is a factor in our decisions and viewpoints.

Often, if we step back and take the time to think things through, we are then able to move forward decisively, and with strength and positivity in the conviction of our perception/s.

Our paths are not always clear, and some hold many curves in our journey through life.


I finished reading My family for the War, by Anne C. Voorhoeve. The novel concerns one young girl’s transfer to London on the Kindertransport, during World War II. Her journey with her foster family is well written, and includes her emotions, her thoughts, her experiences in her new home and with her new family, her assimilation, and her coming of age within their Jewish household. The historical information was insightful, and well-researched. I recommend the book.

Thank you for visiting.

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Inhaling Nature

The weather was spectacular, today! After almost one week of 24/7 days of freezing fog, the sun came out in all of its brilliance!

I took advantage of that fact, and ran a quick errand, and then went to a nearby canyon park, in order to walk surrounded by beauty, and to inhale nature’s wonderful scents.

The area is normally dry, unless there have been heavy rains, and then there could be flooding on the walking paths. The photo above caught my eye due to the golden brightness of the grasses, against the bare branches of the trees.

A few feet further on, and I loved how the side of this footpath sign was nestled within the grasses and tree branches. I like coming upon unexpected scenes like this. I also loved how some of the leaves were still clinging to the tree branches, as if to say they were not ready to drop off, showing how stubborn they are in retaining fall. Winter begins on December 21st, and these particular trees are not about to let go of their leaves.

I loved this view of the tree on the right, in all of its bareness, leaning into the tree on the left. I envision, in my mind, that the tree on left whispered for it to lean towards it, so that it (the tree on the left) could spread its elongated branches around it, in order to protect it from the natural elements. Trees are a community unto themselves, although some of us don’t acknowledge that.

And, we see that same tree again, only this time it is on the left. I really enjoyed the contrasts of colors in this scene, the golds, the oranges, the browns and beige/earthy tones. I saw little insects crawling within the grasses. Some were marching in a sort of formation, towards an opening in between the two trees. I imagined their little community, minute/tiny to the eyes, yet important in the scheme of life. Trees are habitats for other lives.

I love this pathway in all seasons. Today the splashes of green from various forms of foliage caught my attention, along with the scattered leaves that had fallen off of the trees. I liked the earthy, natural, tones of the footpath. I loved the formations of the trees, that stood so tall, almost like sentinels, guarding the pathway, trees that once held vivid green leaves in the spring and summer, and golden, orange, and red tones in autumn. The sunlight illuminated the path, and I inhaled nature’s scents, and exhaled them, breathing along with nature, along the pathway.

I love wildflowers, and these lacy ones were a constant during my walk, mingled in between the dry twigs and earth. There was a beauty in the setting, that I couldn’t pass by without capturing it.

I walked about two and one half miles, not very far, but still it got me out of the house, with the sun bathing its warm rays throughout the pathways. It was a safe adventure, no need to worry about social distancing, or constantly wearing a mask. I had one on, but it was hanging below my chin. I had it there in case anyone came walking by, and if they had I would have pulled it up over my nose, before they even came near me. It was very freeing to be able to get out and about without worrying.


Speaking of masks, my daughter’s neighbors who live two doors down from her (a man and his mother), brought five masks over to her house, yesterday. The mother made them out of Hanukkah fabric, with menorahs, white doves, dreidels, and Stars of David, all throughout the fabric. She made five, four four my daughter, son-in-law, two grandies, and one for me! How thoughtful, how kind, how loving for her to do that. They are Christian, and know that we are Jewish. These neighbors always bring gifts to my daughter’s house during any Jewish holiday. They bake, they sew, the create, they buy.

I have known them for five years, as they have seen me visiting my daughter, often. There are decent, loving, kind people in this world. They are two of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. I am grateful for their friendship, and appreciate them.

Humankind displays human kindness when you least expect it.


Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate! Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Copyright Lorri M.

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