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Support for Kidnapped Teens and Their Families

I have added a lovely Illustration of a tree with three yellow ribbons inside my header. It was created by my friend, Leora. I saw it posted on her website, and asked for her for permission to use it.

I have put it as part of my header so it can be seen immediately upon viewing my website. I was initially going to put it in my sidebar, but changed my mind.

It is my way of showing support for the three teenaged boys kidnapped in Israel, and show support for their families and for all those individuals who are trying to locate them. I have a 19-year old grandson, and two teen-aged granddaughters (19 and 15). I also have younger grandchildren.

As a mother and a grandmother, I can not imagine the anxiety, worry and the unknown details that the families of the three teens are surrounded by. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them, and to all those involved in trying to bring them back.

Thank you, Leora, for allowing me to use your lovely illustration.

Mothers of teens appeal for help.


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Lorri M. News

clouds meet sea

A bowl found during archaeological dig shows a 2,700 year-old Hebrew inscription.

Movie of Warsaw Uprising shows historical footage, and has been colorized for effect and possible links to those still searched for.

Food spices found in 6,100 year-old crock pot.

I so love this quote:

Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Earthlings wave to the Cassini orbiter


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Friday News – 5/24/13

Delightful Delectables

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival is from June 1 – June 6, 2013. The screening schedule can be found here. I will definitely be attending a couple of the screenings.

Newly elected Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and whether he is the first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles.

Jewish Organizations come to the aid of Oklahoma.

I have two new books to read and review:


The Lives They Left Behind
I love Leora’s Drawing: Boy Talks to Fisherman. It leaves a lot for the viewer to ponder.

Hannah’s Ginger Glazed Halibut sounds simply delicious.

I enjoyed Freya’s flash-fiction, and its vivid imagery.

Visit Senior Moments to see stunning photographs of Park Avenue in the Arches National Park, Utah

Heidi Estrin hosted the May Jewish Book Carnival.

The Skirball Cultural Center will have ongoing Family Ampitheater Performances on Saturdays and Sundays, June 22-September 1, 2013.


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Sunday Scenes – May 19, 2013

pond in middle

And, you think you might have it difficult, or you might have family problems! Three sisters had the BRCA test, tested positive, and each one opted for double mastectomies. After their initial surgeries (one sister in October, one in January, and one in February) it was determined that one of them, indeed, did have breast cancer. The surgery saved her life. They don’t feel sorry for themselves, but feel glad to be free of cancer.

Getting tested is an individual choice, and is not the right choice for everyone. For some, the option is not covered by insurance, for others, they do not want to be tested, and for some it is simply not necessary due to their family history. We each have our own circumstances and decisions that factor into getting or not getting the BRCA test. That is not what the blurb above is about, and I am not promoting getting tested or not getting tested, or trying to alarm anyone. It is about the fact that not one, but three sisters tested positive for the genetic mutation, within less than a year’s time, and each one had a double mastectomy. It is not something you read about every day, and it caught my attention on the front page of the news edition.

Did you know that Ashkenazi Jews have a higher risk of Breast Cancer?

In book news:

And the Mountains Echoed
, by khaled Hosseini, will be released on May 21, 2013. I enjoyed his previous works, The Kite Runner, and also A Thousand Splendid Suns.

The 2013 Canadian Jewish Book Award was given to Matti Friedman for The Aleppo Codex.

hills and pond

May 19, 2013 – 10 Sivan, 5773

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Lorri M. Friday News 5/17/13

2 Mogen david

I reviewed the memoir, Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland 1939-1945.

I wrote about Cancer in Varied Forms, this week.

I finished reading The Golem and the Jinni, and I absolutely enjoyed it, although it is not my normal genre of reading.


Hannah’s Nook has a delicious sounding Fruity Red Lentil Curry recipe posted.

Leora’s Sketching Out blog has a wonderful colored-pencil drawing: Fishing at the Raritan River: Man and Boy. What are your thoughts on it?

Visit Shiloh Musings and read her Jewish Blog Roundup which has several links to browse.

Zivah writes on Naso – raising us up.

Yidstock 2013 – The Festival of New Yiddish Music

Visit Women of the Wall to see their latest update.

The Jewish Journal has a post about the new documentary: State 194: A Documentary About Palestine.

Jewish Waltz With Planet Earth Retreat, such an interesting concept.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Cancer in Varied Forms

Most of us know a family member, a friend, or have heard of a family member or friend of a friend, who has/had cancer. I had both my ovaries removed in 1989, when it was determined that one was precancerous. Life went on, and continues to do so. I felt relieved to be free of the possibility of a future with ovarian cancer. The scar I bear, to this day, is an attribute to my decision to have the second ovary removed, so as not to be surprised down the road with ovarian cancer. The fact I had the two ovaries removed did not define who I am, but rather define who I am not. I am not one to stand back and feel sorry for myself.

My mother had Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, and had a mastectomy, to remove her entire breast along with more than a dozen of axillary lymph nodes (supraclavicular nodes, infraclavicular nodes and internal mammary nodes). She was extremely lucky to have the surgeon she did.

She survived the cancer, and when she died it was not from breast cancer or any form of cancer. She was an inspiration, forging forward, ever cognizant of life, and held a positive attitude throughout everything she encountered. For her, the loss of a breast was nothing compared to loss of life. She would look in the mirror and give thanks to G-d for allowing her to have more time with family and friends. She would look in the mirror and not let her scarred skin determine the person she was.

My first cousin died in 2008 from breast cancer. She battled it for three years. A cousin of mine died last August of lung cancer. The mother of my daughter-in-law had a lung removed due to lung cancer, and she never smoked a day in her life! One of my daughter’s coworkers has breast cancer. The cousin of one of my daughter’s coworkers has breast cancer…she is 26 years old, and needs a complete mastectomy…she feels lucky that it was found.

It has come to light that the actress Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy recently, due to high breast cancer risk. I applaud her for coming forth with the fact.

Other celebrities, such as Sharon Osbourne, Christina Applegate and Giulana Rancic have had mastectomies. TV host Brooke Burk-Charvet has surgery for thyroid cancer. These are just recent incidents.

I have ancestors who died of cancer…colon cancer and also pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately cancer is here to stay, and generations to come will become involved with the disease.

Cancer is not a pretty sound. Many people choose to ignore the word, others choose to fight the fight. Whatever the choice one makes, it is individual. Education regarding the various diseases that are encompassed within the cancer realm is extremely important in order to educate others so they can make informed decisions.

Tonight the festival of Shavuot begins, honoring the day G-d gave the Torah to the entire Israeli nation who were present at Mount Sinai. Take a moment, within your commemoration to reflect upon those you know, or know of, who have had cancer.

Sorry for the update…I saw an error needing correction.


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