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Waterscape of Sorts, Pinkness, Pathway

I took the above photo on one of my daily walks.  The setting was along the way towards a paved path I was going to walk on.  This might look like a stream to you, but in actuality, it is water runoff coming down from the hills, due to heavy rains we have had.  I liked the bits of tumbleweed, the branches,  and other bits of dried nature, within the perspective.

Walking a bit further down the paved path, to my right, I saw this view.  Water runoff is also pronounced in this setting, as normally speaking, there would be a flat path that one could cross over, from where I stood, to the the trees in back of the running water.  Once again, nature’s elements ruled the landscape, and turned half of it into a waterscape.

My goodness!  There is pinkness against wood, as I walk further on.  I did like the way the pink contrasted agains the dull brown of the wooden slats.  I hope whoever lost this, came back to find it.

I love pathways, especially ones that twist and turn a bit, and lead me towards wooded areas.  This particular portion of the paved path goes straight into a mini forest, a magical setting, of sorts, in the middle of the city!  I love walking here, breathing in the air, inhaling the essence of what nature has to offer.  The scents are beautiful, from the dewy dampness scents of the landscape after rainfall, to the scents that the trees, branches and leaves give off, to the smells of small wildlife inhabitants.  I adore the birds that fly about, and twitter over the pathways, speaking to each other in musical tones, natural melodies to my ears.

What is there not to love when walking within natural environments!

Have a wonderful day, or evening, whatever your time zone is.  Thank you for stopping by.

All photos and prose are Copyright, Lorri M>

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Gratitude, Not Attitude


June 21, 2020 · 9:33 am

Before, After

Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.

-Munia Khan

Nothing on this earth is standing still. It is either growing or it’s dying. No matter if it’s a tree or a human being.

-Lou Holtz

Photographs Copyright Lorri M.

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My Love Affair

Yes, I have a love affair with trees, and have since childhood.  It began when I was a child in Queens, New York, and on outings to Central Park, with my parents.  The wonder, the awe, the pure bliss that I felt, surrounded by those beautiful sentinels, masterpieces of the landscape, overflowed within me.  I felt alive, looking at them, and a sense of something innate, that I cannot describe, to this day.

Those childhood memories were the foundation of my adoration of trees, and their connections to land, habitat, and the beauty of their structural assists.

My senses continue to hold, envelope all of the beauty of the landscapes before me.  Childhood visuals were imprinted, implanted within my psyche.  I love their scents, and their often weathered bark, striated from the elements they have endured.  I love their colorful rainbows during autumn, and their rough appearance during wintertime, and their softness that the branches hold, during spring and summer, with leaves flowing in the breeze.  Whether they may have collapsed, arched into forms that seem unimaginable, seeing their branches strive to embrace the earth, and continue on with their lives, brings me indescribable comfort.

I am in another world, when surrounded by trees.  I breathe in their serenity, inhaling, exhaling, mindful of the moment, and moments, before me.  Trees bring me strength, peace, continuity through the days, whether negative or positive, trees revive me from the mundane of daily living, setting me free from the ordinary.  Their very presence, their existence, connects me to nature, and I revere them, giants, sages of the earth.  Trees evoke emotions that escape from me.  Wonderstruck is not dramatic, or strong enough, of a word used to describe how I feel about them.  My love affair with them, is endless.

Photographs and prose are Copyright Lorri M.


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Sunshine During Rain

It is raining, today, pouring down on the earth.  I am a person who loves the outdoors, the sun shining on various scenes of nature.  So, in absence of the sun actually shining, I am posting photos that show that the sun was illuminating the areas I walked in, previously.

I absolutely love walking past areas where one can peek through the arching branches, the leaves, and the foliage on the ground, and see a river (such as the one above), or a lake, pond, or even the ocean.  I loved the way the river gently flowed towards the shoreline.  I enjoyed seeing how the visual framed the river between lingering, poised branches/leaves and the tall weeds on the ground, and even the few tumbleweeds that stood firmly.  Nature is amazing.

As I continued to walk, the path was not as close, as in  the photograph above.  But, the setting was a lovely one, seeing the bright orange of the boat, in between the trees.  I loved how sky and earth, trees and the river, played into the view.  The clouds hovering added a beauty to my eyes, and so did the shadows of the tree, as they made their presence known, on the ground.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope your day is filled with calm and beauty.

Photographs and prose Copyright 2020, Lorri M.

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We are all a part of a community, whether it is the fact we live in a city, town, rural area, apartment complex, housing neighborhood, particular street, we are all a part of a community.

Most communities are filled with diverse residents, the exceptions being specific communities, such as ones resided in by white populations, only.

In the majority of communities, we, the people, are a diverse blend of races, ethnicities, religions, economics, social flavors, societal influences, financial structures, educational backgrounds, ages, and so much more.  Just like the photograph above, community residents are filled with various bodily textures and tones, hair colors and eye colors, skin colors.

I am jewish, and live in a city populated with mainly Christians, a minority of Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims.  The Jewish community is small, as is the Muslim community, and Buddhist community.  The city is inhabited with a majority of white people, and a minority of blacks and hispanics.  Most of the citizens get along with each other, but there is still a lack of blending within the city, meaning that certain sections are inhabited by certain races, and/or ethnic backgrounds.

Although most get along, some of us have hardened with time, due to events that have converged within our communities, and due to suppression, economic oppression, and the current status of administrative hierarchy where we live.

Those of who are in their twenties and thirties often have different mindsets than the older generations.  People in their fifties, sixties, seventies, and older, often see issues through stubborn attitudes, attitudes set in stone, large rocks or boulders, not small stones or pebbles.

Younger people seem to weather the storms of life better, having a more open mindedness.  Not all, but most, appear this way.  They are more understanding, and more willing to be supportive of the human condition, such as the poverty stricken, the mentally ill, the individuals struggling to live each day due to financial inequality, and the black individuals, whose lives have been oppressed, misjudged, abused, beaten, killed, and literally thought of as nonhuman beings.

The ongoing marches and protests signify, to me, that the country is undergoing a drastic, and much needed, and necessary change.  And, I believe it is the younger generations who are facilitating much of it, due to their compassion and hope for betterment.  Of course, there are older people within the protesting and marching, no doubt about that, but the younger individuals are clearly making their voices heard.

Most of the protests I have seen, not only here in America, but worldwide, have been filled with a majority of white individuals protesting for civil rights, human rights, black rights.  We shouldn’t have to be protesting for black lives and their rights.  They are part of us, not a separate species, but human beings, and nothing less.

The photo above depicts nature, in its various forms, rocks, boulders, tumbleweeds, tree trunks, branches, leaves, earth, and so much more, inhabiting within, that we can’t see.  But, we call all these visuals ‘nature’, the natural world.  Well, guess what?  Human beings are human beings, no matter the color of their skin, no matter if they are black.  They should never be considered less than human, but should be embraced for who they are, individuals, human beings, life forces within our communities, to behold and respect.  Their black lives matter, and those of us who are not black, must show support for them, listen to them, try to understand them, befriend them.  Anything less is unacceptable, period.


Copyright Lorri M.



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