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Five Taken on Road trip

It has been a busy few days. I was on a three-day road trip with my family. We drove to Spokane, Washington. It was a special occasion. My granddaughter celebrated her 14th birthday. She wanted to go there to the malls, and to wander within antique stores and vintage shops, to find things for her bedroom.

All of my photos were taken from the car. I was a passenger.

I love silos. There is something about them that brings me a sense of peace. Maybe it is a combination of the farmland and its surroundings. I don’t really know, but there are moments we don’t need to necessarily understand the feelings we have.

This is another calming scene. I loved the wind-blocking trees to the right of the lake.

I loved how serene this setting looked from the car window. I saw it ahead of time, and was able to capture it just as we passed by.

One more capture of trees and a lake. I could feel the aura that the trees set off, as they called to me to capture

them, as a memory.


It was a lovely few days. It was wonderful to be a part of my granddaughter’s birthday weekend away. Once we returned home, on Sunday afternoon, we celebrated again, with other family members. Cake and presents were a part of it, of course.

She is such a caring and loving individual. I love the the person she has become so far, and cannot wait to see how she grows in character, in future years. She brings me joy, and love, and I am so grateful for all she does for me. I am blessed.


Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a lovely week.

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Four More Scenes

Here are four more photos from the Mother’s Day outing with my family. The lavender farm is not only a beautiful and serene place to spend some time, but also there are some nostalgic illuminations within the acreage.

To me, this illuminated nostalgia, and I thought it was a lovely setting.

So many plants all around, so little time. Lol. I totally enjoyed all of it.

I loved the image above, with the shed and the old truck. I adored the green shutters against the wood exterior.

The gardens were lovely. This particular setting was a very minute, minuscule portion of the varieties of lavender plants that were on sale, in various sized pots. I liked the sign against the fence posts.


My father would have loved wandering through the fields. Happy 106th Birthday, dad. I love and miss you. You blessed my life with your short 45-years in this realm.


Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day. Be well, be safe.

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Five Scenes

My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandies spoiled me for Mother’s Day.

They took me on a scenic drive to a farm, a lavender farm, and as you can see, the lavender was not in bloom.

Who needed the lavender, with such fields of serene beauty.

Before we got to the farm, we had lunch, and walked a bit through the town center that we were in.

Then, we drove to the farm.

If you know me, you realize I like to take captures that might perplex others. It is my way of being.

I see certain qualities in a vision in front of me, and just have to catch the moment.

There is a lot to be said for all of the lovely greenness that surrounded us. That, in itself,

was absolutely amazing, and worth the drive.

Of course, no day trip is complete without purchasing items. I bought English lavender plants, and also French lavender plants. My son-in-law snuck in a beautiful ock, with a lavender painting on it, into a bag of lavender tea cakes, and sachets, that I had purchased.

There were other gifts, that we exchanged at home. But, the greatest gift of all was to be with family members in an outdoor, stunning setting.


I did finish reading The Hour of the Witch. It was quite the amazing novel. I would rate it four stars out of five stars. The historical information was excellent.

Last night I had dinner at my daughter’s house. We had tacos, for Taco Tuesday. They were delicious. My daughter made a scrumptious Lemon curd pie. Oh my goodness, I am drooling thinking about it.

I hope you are all well and safe. Have a nice rest of the week. Thank you for stopping by.


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Did I Say Books?!

I have neglected my blog the past several days. Between family events, and searching for, and buying a new mattress for my bed, I have been busy. I have also been quite busy reading, reading, and reading. I am reading a few books at once. I alternate between them, as the mood fits.

The Last Bookshop in London: A Novel of World War II, is the latest book I am about to set my eyes on, and will begin reading.

I finished reading The Girl Who Escaped From Auschwitz. I give it a four-star rating, with five-stars being the highest.

The Plum Trees by Victoria Shorr, is a book I am in the midst of reading.

Those Who Are Saved, by Alexis Landau, is another book I am currently reading.

The Light of the Midnight Stars, by Rena Rossner, is a book I have just started reading.

Lastly, but not least, I have pre-ordered the Kindle version of The Hour of the Witch, by Chris Bohjalian. I will physically go to the book store, tomorrow, when the book will be physically available to buy, and purchase it. I will read the Kindle version, and keep the hardcover copy for my personal library.

I often do that with books, read the Kindle version, and buy the hardcover to keep on my bookshelves.

Take a step into nature, if you are able to do so. You will not be disappointed.

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Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day. Be appreciative and grateful for all that mother nature displays. Do not take anything for granted. The earth is susceptible to mankind’s insensitivity towards it. Be kind to mother nature.

These four photos are an extension of my visit to the park over the weekend. I loved the way these trees were lined up, sentinels guiding the way on the path.

‘X’ certainly did mark the spot, displaying its entrance, doorway, passage, towards the next section to journey upon.

I turned around from the ‘X’ capture, above, to walk back to where we were taking family photos, and this is the view I saw.


Thank you for visiting. -Lorri

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Flowers and So Much More

Walking in the Demonstration Gardens, and viewing the illuminating, bright red tulips, was a lift to my spirits. They were beautiful blouses of joy, along the paths.

Look at her, little miss yellow, showing her stuff, within the redness! She couldn’t be missed, and I assume that was her intention.

Magnolias are such a beautiful flower, strong and confident.

Look at her blossoms, upright, reaching for the sky, and making her statement of independence.

Which is stronger, in your opinion, the small boulder, or the beautiful, delicate looking flowers? I vote for the flowers, covering the ground, bringing beautiful tones against the neutral ones.

I love benches, no matter the age, the shape, the size, or location. Benches bring me a sense of comfort. They always have, and always will.


Please take care of yourselves. -Lorri

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