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Tuesday Black and White

Shadows and Lines
geometrical forms within the forest
man made from wood…a natural stairway
steps taken to another realm
a journey down…
takes us away to moments of quietude
as we reflect on times past
as tears, smiles and love envelop us
when we trek back up…
the past reflections dwell within
to illuminate us with fond memories
a step away, a heartbeat away
a breath away
Copyright 2001, MW

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October 23, 2012= 7 Cheshvan, 5773

No permission is granted to publish or use my reviews, writings or photography in any aspect without my written permission.


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Jewaicious – Venting

Venting, is a way of discharging anger, and a way of emanating one’s feelings and/or thoughts.

We are asked to try to vent our feelings and thoughts regarding another person/s during the High Holy Days.  We are also asked to forgive those individuals we feel have wronged us in some aspect.  That doesn’t mean we have to agree with them, or side with them, but put simply, it means to forgive them.

In my opinion, in order to forgive others, we must first learn to forgive ourselves for what we feel we have done to others, or for what others think we have done to them.

I hope the New Year brings you peace and contentment in ridding yourself of harboring ill will, anger and frustration towards yourself and others.

Shana Tova!

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