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Sunday Scenes: Cherry Blossoms




The cherry blossoms at the lake are beginning to take hold and illuminate the surroundings. I can’t get enough of them, and have gone to the lake several times this week. I want to make sure I see them at their peak (not quite yet), as this is a once-a-year showing.


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Blossom Beginnings


Minute amounts of dainty pink blossoms are beginning to appear on the cherry trees at the lake. A dot here, a dab there, I relish their beauty, no matter how few blossoms there are. Blossom beginnings make me smile. In another week or two there will be more, and then the trees will be in full bloom. I love this time of year while walking at the lake, peering at the trees beginning their spring renewal. It is especially wonderful to see the blossoms as they become a massive blur of pinkness when they are at their peak.

The photos above were taken the other morning.


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