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Lorri M. Review: The Negotiator

thenegotiator The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas, is an intriguing book, and one that is factually documented.

Through correspondence, proposals, telephone contacts, meetings, secretive encounters, the author, Baskin Gershon, brings us a true story of the efforts it took in order to free Gilad Schalit from his kidnappers. Aside from the documentation and never-ending endeavors by others, Baskin, himself, was a contributor to the relations that were formed in order to gain Schalit his freedom.

Not only his family, but the world waited, hoped and listened for any news regarding Schalit. He became a symbol of youth and freedom, hope and endurance. Baskin’s connections led to other connections and encounters. He was almost like a peacemaker in the background of a continuing saga.

This book depicts the events involved in the negotiations, mostly behind-the-scenes, to bring Schalit home. In the end, he was brought home, not only to his country, but to his ever-anxious family, a family that held their hopes high, despite holding their breath for his return.

Gerson Baskin went beyond all expectations in his involvement in attempting to achieve Schalit’s freedom. The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas demonstrates his amazing fortitude, ability as a negotiator, and above all-the humanity of the man in trying to forge the necessary relationships that were involved in his efforts. He was an extremely involved man, not only physically and logically, but emotionally as well. He, his country and Gilad Schalit’s famly waited with deep anxiety to see Gilad Schalit returned home.

The events surrounding the release of Schalit are not well-known. This book documents many of the untold and unknown happenings. It also is a valuable historical resource regarding Israel and Hamas, and the negotiation process.

The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas is a page-turner of a story, a true one at that. Once I began it, I read it straight through. It is not only intriguing but suspenseful. It is, in my opinion, a book that holds high historical value. I feel it belongs in every high school, college, university, and public library. It is a book I highly recommend.


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