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Shabbat-August 30, 2013


honey pot

Shabbat Day

Skies of other worlds

In the blue-bright air,

Sides of houses

Edge eternity.

Clay-red roofs

Where pigeons – mincing – walk,

Fly the doves – the whir and flutter

Of their soaring wings.

Soundless the yellow butterfly

At its play.

Winds lift white clouds

And sift the sand

From earth-bound stones -

Exalted the light

Of this dazzling Day,

Yet strangely close to home.

-Dobra Levitt

Shabbat Shalom!

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Jewaicious Re Kiddush

When saying kiddush (a blessing), many people use a silver cup or goblet, some use gold or even glass.  One can use any cup.  I personally own a silver goblet that I treasure (shown in the photograph above).  It is only used for kiddush.  Reciting kiddush is a mitzvah.

It is a Torah commandment to recite kiddush before the evening meal on Shabbat eve and on Jewish holidays.

For those of you that do not understand the significance of kiddush, why not visit Judaism 101, and read about the Shabbat ritual of kiddush and other traditions regarding Shabbat.  The entire kiddush is shown in both Hebrew and English.

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