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Sunday Scenes: May 17, 2014

spot on2

The view above was taken within the past couple of weeks. I am trying to take a photo from the same spot each week (more or less-depending on lake activities), or at least every 7-10 days. I find it interesting and fascinating to be able to document time, weather, possible people passing by, etc., from the same spot.

Shavua Tov!

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Wednesday News

lake and fence 1

Marisa Fox wrote a compelling story entitled The Invisible Tattoo. It is a must-read, on so many levels.

If anyone knows of a man with the Auschwitz tatttooed number A-7734, please contact Ayana KimRon at: FamilyRoots2000@gmail.com
His twin brother, has been searching for him. His birth name is Jolli, and it is known that he did survive Auschwitz. Read the Facebook posts regarding him.

Stone structure found beneath the Sea of Galilee.

Recalling the Warsaw Ghetto through a survivor’s story.


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