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Monarch Migration!


The photograph above was taken several years ago. I am posting it, because this time of year sees the migration of the Monarch Butterfly to Pacific Grove, CA.

The three photographs below were taken in November 2013, while I was at the Monarch Sanctuary, in Pacific Grove. I tried getting captures of individual butterflies, as opposed to a photo of massive numbers of butterflies on trees and flowers.


The beauties begin in late October, early November, and can be seen up until February. You can read all about their migration, here, at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.


To be amongst the natural order of life, and within the migratory pattern, was humbling, to say the least.


I hope you have a lovely rest of your Sunday!


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Monarch Migration




The monarch butterfly sanctuary was a wonderful place, filled with wooded darkness and the light streaming through the trees. The paths were nice to walk along. I so many butterflies, some individually and some in groups, around flowers and on the tree trunks. I didn’t take as many photographs as I thought, because I was mesmerized by the beauty illuminating before me. I wanted to watch, because one minute they were there, the next minute they flitted off.
I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free.
-Charles Dickens

Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man.
-Vladimir Nabokov

Without butterflies, the world would soon have few flowers. There is enough room in the sky for all flyers.
-Trina Paulus


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