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Sunday Scenes – May 19, 2013

pond in middle

And, you think you might have it difficult, or you might have family problems! Three sisters had the BRCA test, tested positive, and each one opted for double mastectomies. After their initial surgeries (one sister in October, one in January, and one in February) it was determined that one of them, indeed, did have breast cancer. The surgery saved her life. They don’t feel sorry for themselves, but feel glad to be free of cancer.

Getting tested is an individual choice, and is not the right choice for everyone. For some, the option is not covered by insurance, for others, they do not want to be tested, and for some it is simply not necessary due to their family history. We each have our own circumstances and decisions that factor into getting or not getting the BRCA test. That is not what the blurb above is about, and I am not promoting getting tested or not getting tested, or trying to alarm anyone. It is about the fact that not one, but three sisters tested positive for the genetic mutation, within less than a year’s time, and each one had a double mastectomy. It is not something you read about every day, and it caught my attention on the front page of the news edition.

Did you know that Ashkenazi Jews have a higher risk of Breast Cancer?

In book news:

And the Mountains Echoed
, by khaled Hosseini, will be released on May 21, 2013. I enjoyed his previous works, The Kite Runner, and also A Thousand Splendid Suns.

The 2013 Canadian Jewish Book Award was given to Matti Friedman for The Aleppo Codex.

hills and pond

May 19, 2013 – 10 Sivan, 5773

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