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Sea Cliffs in Summer

beach cliffs

The woman in the cliff overview photo above is my sister-in-law. My fingers continually snapped the scene in front of me, and when I downloaded the photographs to my computer, saw her in this capture.

I can not describe the beauty that my eyes viewed. There were breath-taking scenes that left me in emotional awe. Nature’s beauty illuminated everywhere I turned, everywhere I looked.

The sea speaks to me in ways I can not articulate. Having been brought up three blocks from the Long Island Sound for the first 24 years of my life, having grandparents whose dwelling overlooked the Amalfi Coast, and having spent many summer days at Brighton Beach, Jones Beach and Coney Island, the sea is part of who I am, as it flows through my blood.

The Sea-Cliffs of Kilkee

AWFULLY beautiful art thou, O sea!
Viewed from the vantage of these giant rocks
That vast in air lift their primeval blocks,
Screening the sandy cove of lone Kilkee.
Cautious, with outstretched arm and bended knee,
I scan the dread abyss, till the depth mocks
My straining eyeballs, and the eternal shocks
Of billows rolling from infinity
Disturb my brain. Hark! the shrill sea-bird’s scream!
Cloud-like they sweep the long wave’s sapphire gleam,
Ere the poised osprey stoop in wrath from high.
Here man, alone, is naught; Nature supreme,
Where all is simply great that meets the eye,—
The precipice, the ocean, and the sky.

-Sir Aubrey de Vere

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