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Sunday Scenes: November 6, 2016



Yesterday morning turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day.  The sky was illuminated with clouds and blueness.  Contrary to the grey within the clouds, the sun was shining brightly, and within thirty minutes those grey clouds turned to perfectly white loveliness.




To the left of the fence is the South Fork Trail, taken yesterday morning while walking.  There is no sign of life in the photo (other than nature’s beauty), but within one hour, there were marathon runners to the left of the fence, along the trail.  I didn’t take photographs of the runners.  I was there to strictly cheer them on.  Sometimes it is more important to watch than to photograph a scene.

It was quite the sight to see.  There was an abundance of color from the running outfits, and an abundance of feet.  Having run the L.A. Marathon in 1994, I appreciate the effort, training and dedication it takes to not only run, but finish, a marathon.

Here’s hoping your week is a good one!



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Moon Above, River Below


It was an overcast morning as our walk began. The sky was filled with grey clouds, the sun was not visible, but the moon was still visible, trying to spread its glow in between the clouds. The slight coolness of the morning was pleasant, and we all agreed it was much better walking in this weather than in the 100+ degree temperatures that can occur in the summer time.

Spring does have its positives, especially around the lake. The birds chatter away, the ducks, geese mud hens and other feathered creatures linger in the lake, gliding slowly, trying to awaken themselves. There are visions of wisteria trees with beautiful lavender blooms, and some with white ones. Their blooms will die off in another week or so. The cherry blossoms are beginning to fade away, too.

The lake area and its sanctuaries are a retreat for many people on the weekend, and even at 8:00 a.m. one can see people everywhere, escaping the bustle of the surrounding towns. There are walkers, runners, bicycle riders, those in canoes, others having a picnic breakfast, golfers on the adjacent golf course, and people from all walks of life enjoying the natural environment.

I enjoy my walking group, and it is a lovely way to not only walk, and get exercise, for one and one half hours (yes, we do this nonstop, other than to take one photo under a tree or near a beautiful setting), but also to interact with others in the group. I am glad to have found the “weekend walkers”.

river overcastMarch 31, 2013 – 20 Nisan, 5773

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Happy Birthday!

Happy, Happy, Happy Third Birthday, my dear Boyjoy Grandie!!!

I like how the sky is reflected in the water in the photo above.

Skywatch Friday

Shabbat Shalom!

June 22, 2012 – 2 Tamuz, 5772


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