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Sunday Scenes: February 21, 2016


These are three scenes from a local park, taken during the summer.  The middle scene shows a stream running through the park, which eventually flows into the L.A. River.

bl 2

bl 3

bl 1

The park has a fantastic walking path.  I have walked it numerous times.


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Foliage and Stream

stream and foliage

What a fascinating article regarding artifacts found near Temple Mount, including a gold medallion with a menorah etched in it. More and more artifacts, artifacts from Before Common Era (BCE) have been found near there, lately.

During these Days of Awe, I find it very rewarding that Judaica is continually enriching our lives, whether by new findings or whether by prayer and practice.

Have a peaceful day. Shalom!

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Sorry for the update. I uploaded the wrong photograph.


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