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wood shelter

While walking through a trail in the woods a couple of months ago when in northern California, I came upon this structure, pictured above. I wondered, is it a shelter that was built to rest in on a hot day? It is only tall enough for an adult or two to sit up underneath it, at its highest point, and for a few children to sit or lay down under. I also thought of a Sukkah, and wondered if it was built for a family to sit under during Sukkot. It looked quite strange in the middle of the woods, the only structure there.

Today’s “Religion” section of the Huffington Post has a lovely article regarding Sukkot.

Judaism 101 has good information and explanations.

Chabad has excellent information and tips.

Pumpkin Challah, anyone? How about apple and honey challah?

Read a heart-warming article on one person’s grandfather and his etrog collection.

Wishing those who celebrate Sukkot a joyous one! Chag Sameach!


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