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Sunday Scenes: September 21, 2014


A man of wisdom delights in water. -Confucius

The marsh, to him who enters it in a receptive mood, holds, besides mosquitoes and stagnation, melody, the mystery of unknown waters, and the sweetness of Nature undisturbed by man. -Charles William Beebe (1906)

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Sunday Scenes: January 26, 2014

I took a late morning walk, yesterday, at the lake. It was a lovely day, nature was abuzz with all of its noise resounding from the birds of varied species, the frogs, the grasshoppers and crickets, the family gatherings, and children playing, and the moles. The quietude also surrounded me at various points along the way.

egret waiting

Speaking of moles and quietude, the photograph above shows a Great White Egret, standing motionless, waiting for its prey (a mole) to appear from the hole in the grass in front of it.


It did appear within a few minutes, and the Egret caught its lunch. The photograph is a bit blurred (I did sharpen it a bit), as the Egret decided to move back a bit, probably fearful I would try to take its catch.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

I am sorry for the update, I positioned one of my photographs wrong.


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Sunday Scenes – September 29, 2013


Life is good…my son, Scott, has been here this week from Japan. Just him, as he was here on personal and work-related business. Words can not describe how good it has been to see him, look at the fantastic smile of his, and just generally feel the maternal emotions swell up for him, due to his physical presence. I love watching him and my daughter interact, and also how he interacts with the Grandies, and how they interact with him. My heart is full.

He flies out tomorrow for a three day conference put on by his company, and then next Friday he will fly back home to Japan, where he lives with my daughter-in-law and grandson.
I finished reading Unexpected Gifts, and my reaction to it was unexpected.

I am thoroughly enjoying the novel, Max, by Howard Fast


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Sunday Scenes – September 22, 2013

boulder reflection

Masada uncovered and its possible riddles.

-Looking into its soul.

Mini Colosseum believed discovered in Italy.

Rio De Janeiro yields archaeological finds, including a toothbrush belonging to the Emperor of Brazil.

I am in the middle of reading The Memory Palace: A Memoir.

I read Great House for the second time, and am glad I did.

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Sunday Scenes – March 24, 2013


This was taken on a walk through the lake and its bird sanctuary, and offshoot streams that lead to the L.A. River. I belong to a walking group, which is nice, because not only do we walk at a decent pace, but we also chatter the time away. We all seem to have a lot in common, which makes it enjoyable.


I am in the middle of reading The Retrospective, by A.B. Yehoshua. I am an avid reader of his works.

Visit Straight Out of the Camera Sunday for more photographs from around the world.

straight out of the camera sunday

March 24, 2013 – 13 Nisan, 5773


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