Water Scenics and Creatures

Once again, these memes are upon us. Visit them to see more beautiful captures.

Watery Wedneday

Nature Notes Wednesday

All photography, writing, poetry, etc. is my copyright and may not be reproduced without my express written permission.

March 7, 2012 – 13 Adar I, 5772


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23 responses to “Water Scenics and Creatures

  1. Look at all those turtles!!!! I have always had a thing for turtles. I think it stems back to when I was a child and you could buy those little green turtles as pets. I took my to bed with me one night and it didn’t end well for the turtle..I can’t wait to see some sunning here.. Great post for Nature Notes..Thank you..Michelle

  2. Yes, those little green turtles, I remember. Thanks, Michelle. The grandies and I had a great time.

  3. Oh, the ducks are great, but I am especially fond of the turtles.

    Have a chag Purim sameach.

  4. Wow, all these turtles in your last pic! But I love your second one -so cute!

  5. Great sighting of all those turtles, they are neat all piled on top of each other. Very pretty water scenes.

  6. Pat

    I like that big stack of turtles!

  7. I especially love the turtles sitting in the sun.

  8. Great shots. They are all great but the turtles are my favorite.

  9. Wow! That’s a of turtles piling on top of each other! And the tall water sprouting, zoom!

  10. Gorgeous captures!

    Late visiting from Watery Wednesday, hope you can visit my Water Fountain, entry. Thanks in advance.

  11. I love the way turtles congregate and sun themselves — but I’ve never seen that many on one log! All lovely pictures.

  12. I LOVE the stack of turtles! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss – Yertle the Turlte!

  13. That’s a lot of turtles, so nice to watch!

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