Shadows and Blue

Shadow Shot Sunday

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June 23, 2012 – 3 Tamuz, 5772


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35 responses to “Shadows and Blue

  1. I like the blue fence. Who says a picket fence has to be white? Nice shadowy scene.
    Happy SUnday!

  2. Blue and shadows make a beautiful combination. Your photo are wonderful.

  3. Intriguing perspectives of the blue picket fence! So much character!

  4. Really nice photo ! Like the blue colour and the shadows!

  5. Fascinating details of mundane objects. Love that shade of blue.

  6. the faded weathered blue is so pretty and the dappled shadows add life
    so lovely

  7. Excellent photo. I like this beautiful play of light and shadows, very good.

  8. Kelly

    Blue and shadows go well together. Lovely shots!

  9. love the blue, it’s a soothing color!

  10. Wonderful contrasts and color. So striking.
    I stubbornly insisted we paint our back fence pink year ago.
    {American suburb peer pressure prevented us from painted the front one pink as well, unfortunately}
    Now I am thinking a blue face- lift may be in order.

  11. magicalmysticalteacher

    Blue being my favorite color, my heart doth tremble when I see the blue paint peeling from this sad fence…

    Blue Banderas

  12. Love that blue & the shadows. Thanks for the visit.

  13. Excellent – Thanks for sharing!

  14. another if ‘fences could talk”….

  15. Lovely blue. I’d like to hang out and gossip over that fence!

  16. Love the blue peeling paint!
    Blue is my favorite color. 🙂

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