I am on a mini getaway, compliments of my brother and sister-in-law. My birthday (a big 70) is Thursday. They have paid for my transportation and for a stay in a stunning Victorian B&B, about two blocks from their home, in a room with a king-sized bed, and gorgeous Victoriana.

They want to spoil me, and make me feel special (which I do, and not stay in their home due to its being a small cottage.

I have decided not to bring my laptop, and to just enjoy the time without blogging. I am not posting anything that has been written ahead of time and saved to be published. I will return on Sunday.

Take care! Have a good week!


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12 responses to “Getaway

  1. How lovely! Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, in advance! Have a lovely getaway.

  3. Happy birthday – the B&B sounds lovely. I wouldn’t bring a laptop either 🙂

  4. Good for you, and have a great time.

  5. MAZALTOV!! Enjoy in good health.

  6. Happy birthday! Sounds wonderful. A time to be treasured.

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