On My Walk

These photos were taken last year, while I was walking by the river, as autumn was beginning to claim its tones.


I like to photograph different objects within a waterscape, such as the cement block, above, photographed on a walk by the river.  I often feel they give substance to a composition, through textures, tones, and visually.  I find beauty within the simple structures that I see on my walks.  And, as luck would have it, as I clicked the camera, a bird flew into the scene.

This large rock (not large enough to be called a boulder, but larger than your average rock), with its striated markings caught my eye.  I loved its indentations, tones and contrasts.

I came upon another cement block, this one was actually in the water.  I liked the way it captured my attention, sitting there, within the opening of the foliage.

All images and writings are the copyright of Lorri M.

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