It was wonderful to spend some time, making slime, with my granddaughter. She did all of the work, as I watched. It was all about her, and spending quality time, together. When she wants to make slime, she visits me, as my daughter doesn’t want to deal with the mess.

It is actually no problem, in my home, as she cleans up after herself, puts everything away in the large bag I have her supplies in, and washes the containers, spoons. I have an old sheet she throws on the kitchen floor, near the sink, and it is quite effective in preventing the slime particles from landing on the wood flooring.

When she finished making the slime, cleaned up the kitchen, then she sat on the sofa, and started spreading it out, in front of her. I was fortunate enough to capture this moment in time, as she managed to spread it, hiding her entire body behind it.

The original photograph was taken in color. I actually prefer the color version, compared to the black and white (greyscale) tones. I normally like black and white photographs, but liked the color contrasts in the original photograph.

We had a wonderful time together, her sliming, us having fun together watching videos, etc. What joy!

Copyright Lorri M.

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